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       Critical thinking skills are taught and learned in the classroom throughout the school year, but what typically happens during the summer break? Children often forget those skills and other necessary literacy and math skills to start off the year strong, so teachers often begin the school year re-teaching.  What a waste of time! If children attend Camp Success Summer Academy, they will have the opportunity to maintain skills that have already been taught and will be equipped with the necessary skills for new learning at the start of the year.


       The academic component of Camp Success Summer Academy consists of one hour of literacy instruction and one hour of math instruction daily with a certified teacher or teacher in training. Parents, don't worry, your children will love the routine without feeling like they're in school. Instruction will be tailored to students’ individual needs, and we guarantee your child will start their school year equipped with additional skills to tackle the upcoming school year.

       The enrichment component of Camp Success Summer Academy consists of daily activities such as arts and crafts, technology, physical education, guidance counseling, acting, STEAM, and more- (Please note: activities are subject to change depending on availability)

Camp Success Summer Academy mixes

remediation, enrichment, academics

and fun for an awesome summer experience! 

 Summer Dates: June 6, -July 23, 2022

Hours: 6:30 A.M.- 6:30 P.M. 

Tuition: $155 per week for first child

              $145 per week for second child

              $135 for each additional child