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Fingers Playing Piano Keys
Piano Practice

Enrichment Xtravaganza!!

Being a parent can be challenging when faced with balancing your children's social, emotional, and academic needs. That's why Camp Success decided to take some of the pressure off of you by offering a number of enrichment classes that take place right at school! Our class offerings include but are not limited to piano, dance, karate, chess, tumbling, cheer, and more!  Check out our list of instructors below, and contact them to get started today! 

Piano Lessons

Many studies have shown that musical training can enhance language skills. Learning to play the piano helps teach children how to concentrate, focus, and be patient. Piano lessons help develop speech, cognitive skills, and social abilities. Piano lessons boost self-esteem. Do your children a favor by enrolling them in Dr. Gary Fisher's Piano course. Dr. Fisher is currently an elementary school music teacher who is engaging, and enthusiastic, and energetic. Classes will focus on classical and pop music. Students will learn how to read notes and chord symbols. If interested or you have further questions, contact Dr. Fisher by:

phone: 757-329-0339 


Tumbling Lessons


According to research conducted at Harvard University, " gymnastics develops determination, cultivates courage, and encourages persistence. It's time for our kids to put down the video games and get active!!! Let the instructors from YES! Enrichment Services aid your child in becoming their best self! They've been providing quality enrichment programs that stretch beyond the classroom for over 15 years!! If you have any further questions, they can be contacted by email at

Please click on the link below to get your children started today!

Dancing with Mr. Dante

unnamed (1).jpg

Immersing children in musical activities like dancing helps boost brain power. Not only does dance release a chemical in the brain that has a key role in setting good moods and boosting serotonin, but dance also stimulates the parts of the brain associated with memory, emotional development, and academic achievement.  Mr. Dante (pictured above) is a class act! He is a professional dancer that is serious about his craft. Under his instruction, your child will learn the art of jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. No matter how much or how little your child knows about the art of dance, Mr. Dante will take them to the next level. He's danced with professional companies, has created a space for himself in the entertainment industry, and is a current instructor. Let Mr. Dante mold your child into the dancer he/she is supposed to be! For further information, scheduling, and pricing, please contact him directly at

phone: 404=889-0102


Keud Sports with MJay


Keud sports is a sports-driven program dedicated to changing the culture of youth sports. With a focus on basketball, they strive to change the win-at-all-costs, hostile youth basketball environment to a healthier, more positive environment. They do this through direct coaching, focusing on positive reinforcement, and accountability. Their values are present in the life lessons they strive to teach their players in practices and games. KEUD is an acronym for “Kill Everything U Do.” No matter the life obstacle, there is always a way to overcome it.


"We are a family, and we Care."


Contact Coach Mjay for more details regarding registration. 

Phone: 470-440-0717


Chess Lessons

Chess Game

A growing body of research suggests chess improves kids' thinking and problem-solving skills as well as their math and reading test scores. Because of this growing research, Camp Success has teamed up with Chessology. The team at Chessology understands that chess provides additional educational opportunities that stretch beyond the game itself. Understanding algebra basics and conflict resolution are a few concepts that will be taught through the program.  If interested or you have further questions, please contact Chessology by

Phone: 224-337-9461 or 404-789-0289


register online at Select Camp Success as your place of instruction and receive a special discount!

Cheer Pom


As crowd leaders and spirit raisers, cheerleaders are the team behind the team. Cheerleaders know and understand that school spirit is a driving force that can motivate a team to play the best game possible. 

Let the instructors from YES! Enrichment Services aid your child in becoming the ultimate crowd pleaser!!! They've been providing quality enrichment programs that stretch beyond the classroom for over 15 years!! If you have any further questions, they can be contacted by email at

Please click on the link below to get your children started today!

Cricut Lessons by Ms.Tia


You've seen the personalized tumblers, coffee mugs, bags, bulletin board letters, t-shirts, hats, etc. Have you had an idea for a shirt design, but are clueless as to how to get that thought out of your head and onto a shirt? Ever thought about creating birthday or family reunion shirts? What about your son's sports team that's always looking for a vendor to make spirit wear? You may simply want your son or daughter to pick up a hobby.  Whatever your crafting dreams are for you or your child, Ms. Tia is here to help. She will be offering basic, intermediate, and advanced classes on using the Cricut machine. Do yourself a favor and enroll yourself and your children in this amazing class. This class is the gift that keeps on giving. If you are interested in Cricut classes, please contact Ms. Tia Directly at

Phone: 470-669-2013.

in person/ virtual tutoring


    In-person tutoring with Ms. Johnson

 If your child is struggling academically, socially, or emotionally, Ms. Shelly Johnson is a one-stop shop for all of your or your child's needs. She's currently a special education teacher focusing her career on the development of students with autism. She has tons of experience tutoring elementary, middle, and high school students and has a proven record of success. Contact her today for a consultation if you're interested in tutoring services in-person. 

phone: 240-818-2656. 

   Virtual tutoring with Ms. Julia

If you can't find the time to bring your child in for an in-person tutoring session, or you simply like the convenience of being in your own home while you or your children are being tutored, the virtual option is the way to go. Your instructor Ms. Julia is phenomenal.  Ms. Julia spearheaded Lewis Academy's Digital Learning school during the pandemic which was a huge hit! She has the knowledge, strategy, background, and energy to keep you or your children engaged and held accountable while virtual learning is taking place. She tutors in all subjects through middle school and ELA and Math at the high school level. Contact her today for a virtual learning consultation. 

phone: 678-896-6214



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