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How do I register? 
Registration is available online at under the registration tab and can be completed on a computer or mobile device.  Please download the Bright-wheel app to your mobile device as well. This is app will allow you to communicate with staff, check your children in and out of the facility, get notifications, receive pictures, and more! There is a direct link to download the app under the registration tab. In addition, CSSA requires parents to fill out additional forms prior to the start of the program. Both online registration and additional forms are required to be completed prior to your child(ren) starting the program.  
What if I have registered my child (ren) in the past and want to reactivate my account? 
Please contact Camp Success Academy at 470-464-406. Your account will need to be unlocked.
What if my child(ren) attends the after-school program and I want to register them for the summer? 
Please see someone at the front desk upon pick-up to indicate your interest in summer enrollment.  A registration fee will not be assessed to your account if you’ve already paid registration during the school year. 
Will I receive confirmation of my summer camp registration? 
Yes, you will receive a receipt by email. In addition, as we get closer to camp, you will receive an email that contains specific information including a parent information brochure listing themed weeks, field trip dates (indoor and outdoor), and other specifics about camp. 
What payment is due at registration? 
The registration fee is desired, but not required upon online registration. Enrolling your child through our database only indicates interest. The full non-refundable $55 registration fee per family (up to two children and $25 per additional child) must be submitted in order to secure your child’s enrollment in the program.  
What if I enroll and don’t pay the registration fee? 
All families interested in CSSA may register. Enrollment is not confirmed until the registration fee is paid. 
Is the registration fee refundable if my family decides we don’t want to move forward with services? 
Registration fees are refundable if your family decides not to move forward with services within five (5) business days after enrollment.  Enrollment fees are used to secure individual materials needed for students. Once enrollment fees are paid, we use those funds to secure the items needed. 

My family doesn’t need care every week. Can I register for only the weeks I need care? 
Yes, if space is available.  If your child does not enroll with CSSA for four weeks or more, the drop-in rate will apply to the weeks your child(ren) attend. Please see the fee schedule 
What if I want to change my child(ren)’s schedule once they are enrolled? 
Any changes in enrollment are based on current availability. CSSA cannot guarantee additional 
days/weeks will be granted after initial enrollment.  A two-week notice is required for any permanent changes made to your child(ren)’s schedule after initial enrollment.  If you are withdrawing your 
child(ren) from camp, we ask that a two-week written notice is given. Until notice is received, parents are responsible for all fees.   
How much does summer camp cost and do you offer sibling discounts? 
Please see our fee schedule located under the registration tab on our website. Yes, we do offer sibling discounts.  The discounted rates are located on the fee schedule.  
How do I pay? 
After your registration has been confirmed, the initial registration fee can be paid to your Bright-Wheel account. All payments are due weekly or bi-weekly. Payment options include the following: -Debit or Credit Card Funds drafted from a Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover card. Funds can also be directly drafted from your bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer). Funds should clear your bank account within 3-4 days.  
When are payments due? 
Full payment for the week of camp is due the Friday before each week begins and no later than 6:00 p.m. Monday evening of the current week. If you are paying bi-weekly, please note that you are paying for weeks ahead; not past weeks.
What if payments are late? 
A $20 late payment fee will be charged if payment is not made by 6:00 pm. on the Monday of the current week.  If payment is not made by Wednesday of the current week, your child will not be able to return to camp until full payment is made. 
I need assistance with my summer camp payments. Is financial assistance available? 
CSSA does not provide a financial assistance program. However, scholarships may be available for summer 2022. Please see our website for more details.  We also accept Georgia CAPS. 
Are fees prorated for days my child does not attend summer camp such as holidays or days my child may miss a day of camp because of illness, other commitments, or inclement weather?  
No. The weekly fee is the same every week. Fees are based on enrollment and not attendance. Fees will not be prorated due to days missed for illness, other commitments, or inclement weather.  

 Do you provide breakfast and lunch? 
Yes. CSSA provides campers with a balanced breakfast and lunch.  A menu will be given to parents prior to the start of camp.  Campers may bring their own lunch to camp. If lunch is provided by parents, please ensure campers bring a non-perishable lunch and a beverage. Please do not include candy or soft drinks. Lunches will not be refrigerated; therefore, we ask that you send lunches that do not contain food items that will spoil if not kept cold. Please do not provide your camper with food that will need heating, refrigerating, or microwaving. Camp staff will not be responsible for food preparation or pre-heating meals. Please mark all lunches with the camper’s first and last name.  
Can my child bring personal items such as toys and electronics to camp? 
CSSA does not prohibit bringing personal items if they don’t interfere with instruction or day-to-day operations; however, we will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.  We encourage the use of personal laptops, iPads, and tablets during our academic block and during afternoon rotations. These items are not required, so please don’t feel compelled to go out and buy a device for the program. If you choose to have your child bring in a device, a waiver will need to be signed. We also strongly suggest that you label all your child’s belongings with his or her first and last name.    
What should my child wear to summer camp? 
Our camp is full of day-to-day activities. Comfortable clothing and shoes made for running should be worn. Flip flops or opened toed shoes that can easily slip off are not recommended. Please have children wear clothing that can get dirty (We can get messy at times). A cap or hat for sun protection is advisable.

 What will my child do all day? 
A typical day of summer camp will include a morning group meeting,  an hour of ELA and math instruction based on remediation needs and rising grade-level expectations, teacher-directed physical education, enrichment classes, afternoon rotations which include, but not limited to daily centers (science, math, dramatic play, reading, blocks, music, art), gross motor activities, technology, rest and 
snack, theatre, STEM, and more!!  Our weeks are themed as well. These weeks may include, but not limited to fashion week, little chefs week, entrepreneurship week, gardening week, engineering week, etc. 
What is your behavior management system? 
All of our teachers and students follow the same core rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Problem Solver.  If students are having a hard time adjusting to the culture of the program, a conference will be set up with the child’s parents to discuss strategies for best supporting the student. CSSA will exhaust all efforts to ensure a child is not removed from the program due to behavior; however, we understand that our program may not be the best fit for all students.  CSSA does have the right to remove a child from the program immediately if he/she has proven to be a threat to students/staff, is consistently and intentionally being a disturbance to the classroom environment, or is considered to be verbally abusive to students/staff. CSSA follows the “House System”. This system requires all students and teachers to be divided up into “Houses” (friendship, kindness, courage, and respect). Each house represents a different character trait, and each member of the house should always represent that character trait. The goal is for each house to have the most points at the end of each week.  Students earn points for their house by exhibiting great character, completing classroom tasks, house challenges, house competitions, and more! More details about the house system to come!  
Is the summer camp licensed and insured?
Yes, CSSA  is a licensed child care program through Bright from the Start and has up to 1,000,000 in
liability insurance.  
What is the counselor to camper ratio for summer camp? 
We follow state laws that require us to keep a 1 to 20 or 1-25 staff to student ratio (depending on the age of children).  
In most cases, each of our classes are equipped with a minimum of two teachers which lowers the staff-to-student ratio.   
How do you ensure the health and safety of children in summer camp? 
safety of the children in our program is our first priority. All childcare staff receives multiple training opportunities and are First Aid, CPR and AED certified.   Every employee has undergone a fingerprint-based background check and must have a satisfactory clearance letter on file with the center. No child, regardless of circumstances, will be allowed to leave the care of the CSSA staff with an unauthorized person. Children will only be released to the people listed on the registration forms. Adults authorized to pick up a child must be at least 18 years old and will be required to show a valid photo ID. If a child is not picked up by the time the program closes, the child will always remain supervised. A late pick-up fee will be automatically drafted with your next weekly payment. Staff members will make numerous attempts to contact the parent and/or emergency contact.    

What if I pick up my child late? 
If a child is not picked up by the time the program closes (6:30 pm), the child will remain supervised at all times. A late pickup fee will be charged to the account at the rate of $5 for the first minute late and a $1.00 per minute per child for each additional minute late. It is essential for your child’s safety to provide at least two other persons who can pick up your child in the event you are unable to pick them up before camp closes. If you know you are going to be late, please contact us immediately.  
How can I add someone to my pick-up list? 
A written authorization can be submitted to CSSA or you can update it in the Bright-wheel app.  If you have an emergency, we will accept an email from the address registered on your Bright-wheel account or a telephone call from a legal guardian. Please email us at The safety of your child is more important than any inconvenience.  
How are the campers transported to and from camp activities away from the camp location? 
All campers are transported on our personal vans or leased vans/buses for activities away from the camp location. Drivers may be employees of the company we rented the vehicle from or they may be employees of CSSA and have at least three years of driving experience, verified excellent driving records, approved drug screens, and background checks.      
How often do campers go on field trips and where do they go? 
Campers attend either indoor/outdoor field trips on an average of once per week. Two out of the 6 Fridays of camp will be designated as a “water day”. Water days are held on campus and do not require a fee.  We may go on field trips off-campus up to two times this summer and a typical field trip destination would be bowling, roller skating, a local museum, or a park.  
How much are field trips? Are they included in the tuition? 
Field trips (indoor and outdoor) generally range from $7.00-$20.00.  The field trip cost is not included in tuition and will need to be paid in cash prior to the day of the trip. 
Can parents attend field trips? 
Parents can attend field trips.  If a parent chooses to attend a field trip, they are responsible for their own transportation and fees for admission.   
Can I schedule a tour?
Absolutely! Simply give us a call at 470-464-4065 or 678-499-9461 or send us a request by email at
How do I find out more about camp?  
You may always reach CSSA via email 
You can visit our website at 
You can contact us via phone at 470-464-4065 or 678-499-9461

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